Connecting Strategies
With Innovation

SignOn uses design thinking for problem solving

Our UX team uses process mapping for translating complex
tasks into easy user-friendly automation solutions

Integrated Offering for Enterprises to Scale and Future-proof AI-powered Transformation

Embrace the talent revolution to remain relevant in the future.


Identifying the needs and challenges faced by our customers


Propagate valid solutions after the analysis and interviews of the customers


Ideate and create innovative solutions to overcome the stumbling blocks


Develop/build a prototype for the solution


Do A-B testing to consider user feedback & optimize

The Building Blocks of SignOn

Analytics as foundation

Our services and products are centered around analytics which allows you to focus on the right decision tree.

Pragmatic problem solving

Value stream mapping combined with quick and simple processes provides the right problem solving techniques.


Leveraging the right tech architecture and creating the right framework around this is the key to many of our successful deployments

Customer gratification

NPS being core, Keeping all our solutions and offerings customer centric allows your organization to gain the right traction among your customers.


Concoction of distinct ideas to provide the right services


Solutions & Applications to help your business manage growth

Grow your business.

Creating the right business model requires you to combine data analytics, automation & optimum software development.


Automation and Analytics are the holy grail of SignOn, primarily focusing on problem solving.

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