AI For Social Good (An Initiative By Google)

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April 30, 2019
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Not all heroes wear capes, well, as far as I know, Artificial Intelligence can’t! AI has the power to tackle some of the worlds social problems too (the real heroes are the masterminds who thought of AI in the first place). For example: helping the blind by directing them, diagnosing cancer and many many more. People are just learning to use AI and the possibilities are really vast. Which is why interest in AI has dramatically increased in the past few years. And Google has taken this social initiative naming it “AI for Social Good

First of all, what is AI? Human-like tasks done by a machine! AI makes it easier for us humans so that we get the work done effectively and efficiently. The tasks that are done by these machines are done by the large data and algorithms that work closely towards attaining a single aim. It all started with simple automation for computers to understand commands and now it is in a point where cars can be controlled to even forecasting floods. Mind boggling right? The thought of AI’s capabilities is beyond reach because so much can be done with it.

Different areas can inculcate AI into them. For example:

#1) Educational Sector- AI here can be used by improving student achievements and also the productivity of the teachers. Have you ever thought of teacher robots?

#2) Health Management- Health sector is an extensive area to explore. Like AI enabled devices that can detect diabetes through a heart rate sensor data, or diagnosing cancer. AI is used in websites of hospitals to advise patients on what treatments will be beneficial for their health issues, appointments with doctors and many more.

#3) Public and Social Sectors- AI can be used to detect if there are any taxing frauds using data like browsing data, payments etc. Using AI it’s also easier to detect the transparency and finances of public sectors.

#4) Infrastructure- including AI in the categories of water, real estate, transportation, building and many more is such a good idea. For example, controlling traffic in real-time is something which is in use already. It can also identify the malfunctioning causes for heavy traffic like accidents, speeding etc.

#5) Weather Forecasting- Google will be coming up with an AI-based flood forecasting that can predict the monsoons. This will be done in India as 20% of the global floods happen in India.

#6) IT Sector- This is where it all began right? There are so many examples when it comes on to IT. Data is available to track any information pertaining to what the need is, problem-solving is quicker and it has come to the point that AI shows what we want and where to get ut from.

These are just a few examples to start off with, stating the other possibilities where AI can be used will just be like counting the stars….that’s right, you can’t count them. So many scopes to explore in each and every corner of the world. The only thing we all can do is to stay updated and follow up!

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