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Analytics, Data Lakes and Data Warehouse- We provide a holistic end to end solution for your Analytical and Machine Learning needs.

We Specialise In Three Types Of Analytics

SignOn In Conceptualizing The Future Of Your Business

Sophisticated statistical models exploit patterns found in traditional and new sources of data to better identify risks and opportunities and capture relationships across many factors to drive better results.
Scoring models allow businesses to quickly determine and rank-order the relative likelihood of a specified outcome, such as a purchase propensity, consumer’s probability of default, a patient’s propensity to adhere or a driver’s attention to safety.

Improving proficiency

With the advancement in technology, it has become easier to accumulate data which makes it convenient to understand the market and accordingly develop a strategy that will be fruitful.

Better and quicker decision making

Manage your deadlines with analytics and analyze the information as soon as you get the data. This helps in better decision making and quicker results.

New products and services

We align with the values of our audience hence we attempt to offer products and services that gratifies the consumer. This can be done only with the help of analytics.

Knowledge of the industry

Analytics can predict the future of an industry and how the economy is doing parallely resulting in better decision making. This can help in better revenue.

Case Studies

SignOn analyzes individual behaviors so effectively that companies can now personalize offerings & cater to needs internal and external based on each unique pattern.


Automation and Analytics are the holy grail of SignOn, primarily focusing on problem solving.

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