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Enterprises, today, have petabytes of business data collected from various sources and verticals of its functioning and are stored in disparate locations in various structured and unstructured forms.

Data Analytics is widely being adopted across industries as businesses have started to realize that lurking deep beneath the heap loads of information is the limitless potential of data-driven business intelligence. from its infancy has grown with artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and machine learning at its core and thrives on providing value to businesses by leveraging on every bit of data available to provide actionable insights for strategic decision making.

Globally, industries are witnessing an exponential growth of data due to the adoption of technologies inlcuding sensors, beacons, GPS, bioinformatics, IOT, and blockchain and information is stored across an organisation in various different formats.

We judiciously use the best techniques and tools to extract and process data from high volumes of data from a variety of sources and formats and provide real-time visual insights and predictions with high accuracy, enabling business to confidently make impactful decisions.

Data Engineering

Data present in various platforms, lakes, and clouds are identified, processed, cleansed, and compiled through engineered infrastructure consisting of data pipelines and systems that streamline data paths ensuring that it doesn’t lose granularity and value.

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Complex algorithmic calculations and relationships are established and executed to derive meaningful insights buried deep in piles of data which is further transformed into visual illustrations that are easily comprehensible using tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableaux, and Qlik.

Data Science

Drawing on descriptive data from both internal and external sources, scientific derivations and formulations run through advanced tools to provide predictions and forecasts with high accuracy.

Natural Language Processing

High volumes of unstructured data available in the form of texts, conversations, topics, sentiments, and customer interactions are processed using advanced tools and algorithms that anchor on the natural usage of language in human interactions.

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