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AI in Marketing Intelligence

  • Customer Journey Mapping using Machine learning® . Scourge through historic data for accurate lead scoring and predictive Marketing
  • Engage, Nurture, Qualify and Follow-up with Leads through Email & Chat BOT Arrive at meaningful Industry and Social Media Data for Account-Based Marketing and Sales .
  • Predict caller intent and reduce escalations with text & speech analytics.
  • Business Intelligence to Gain Audience Insights and Anticipate Opportunities.
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  • Reduce Ticket Volume with Intelligent Customer Self-Service.
  • Improved Personalization - next generation of personalized experiences by automated actions, predictive accuracy and customer journey
  • Identify Support Ticket Trends and Recommend Best Responses.
  • Automate Service Desk Operations with a Digital Service Agent.
  • Transcribe and Analyze Sales Calls & Activities to improve productivity
  • Sentiment analysis , evaluate the customer mind set and set priority of tickets
  • Sales Process Optimization to enable faster and more insightful sales conversion
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AI in Digital Marketing

  • Automation , BI - Analytics combined with all aspects of Digital Marketing.
  • Customer Journey Modelling & creating the right awareness ,stickiness to purchase model
  • Personalized Product Recommendations , Knowing your customers’ buying habits can help you craft a more effective marketing strategy.
  • Customer Data & Accurate Targeting , AI collects user data, analyses it, and predicts future behaviour.
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AI in Insurance

  • Health monitoring devices integrated to Machine learning algorithms to predict and take corrective measures to improve the health of a pet or an individual thereby increasing underwriting profits.
  • Automate industry classification, predictive risk modelling, anomaly flagging & growth quantification
  • AI-generated quotes and choose the one that best fits customer’s needs. Estimating logic and AI photo analytics to come up with suggestions for estimators in case of accident to help them make better claims estimates
  • Paperless and person-less homeowners & renters insurance using AI to create policies and handle user claims
  • Better Underwriting profits through machine learning tools to effectively gauge risk and reach potential new customers by harnessing date.
  • Claims Reduction by assessing how drivers interact with vehicles and the road to pinpoint and prevent risky behaviour in real time
  • Always-on-call virtual agent , Facebook Messenger & Chat Bots to answer customer Queries with ease.
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AI in Hospitality, Time share,
Membership Management

  • Personalised Experience , Accelerate upstream analysis & planning
  • Occupancy & Rate Optimization to improve margins
  • Booking Engine & Staff Interaction , AI Fuelled Chat Bots create convenience for Online reservations to be seamless and personalised
  • Customer Feedback & NPS improvement
  • Reputation Management , parse reviews from social media to respond with highest urgency to negative reviews.
  • Competitive Analysis , using big data to provide context of customer movements through social media chatter and leverage demographic and local review data.
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AI in NBFC / Financial
Services & Products

  • Reduce Bad Loans using automated classification, predictive risk modelling, anomaly flagging & growth quantification using CIBIL Score , customers profile & Bank transactions
  • Automated end to end Loan Management
  • Paperless KYC and Onboarding
  • AI Enabled Compliance & Risk management
  • Improve customer Satisfaction with Intelligent
  • Customer Self-Service using Conversational Service Automation (CSA).
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