Marketing automation with AI & CRM+

  • Bring all your Business Automation tools together

    SignOn offers a full stack of service for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a CRM at its core. Bring all your business automation tools together - ​Instead of having a tool for this, a tool for that, and a tool that connects this and that — you just need one tool. Business automation suite is designed to provide an all-in-one solution to automate all your prospect, customer and partner communications (and more) so that you can save time, scale your business, and create a consistently remarkable customer experience.

  • Nurture customers with ongoing and meaningful conversations

    Create highly relevant 1:1 conversations with your customers, at scale, that build and grow long-term relationships. Get all the power without the complexity.

Understand behaviors and then personalise your customer pitch

Drag in new content you generate, and we do the rest Set a daily and weekly email / SMS limit for customers Track the content each person consumes across email, web, and more to ensure duplicate content is never sent Get a single number for a fast, apples-to-apples comparison of content performance with our AI model engagement Score

Increase revenue by focusing sales on the hottest prospects

If you have a sales team, marketing automation helps you identify the best prospects and customers and close more business by triggering a sales call at exactly the right time. Learn about our scoring, nurturing, sales intelligence, and CRM integration.

Survey/Form Builder

Create Targeted & Personalised Website/On-Site Survey Capture Voice of Customer, NPS scores, Reviews, Insights and more by using targeted website surveys

Email Marketing Automation

Retain More Users with Personalized Triggered Email Marketing. Personalize your targeted emails with automated email templates, personalisation tokens and event attributes

Mobile Marketing

With Mobile Push Notifications For Android & iOS . Use profile data and user behaviour to create personalised and contextually relevant mobile push messages

Web Notifications

Web messages that enhance the experience. Capture your user's attention with beautiful overlays that would channelize your customer journeys.

Guide to Marketing Automation

Everything you have ever wanted to know about marketing automation in one great guide! Know more for effective, efficient, and lucrative marketing.

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