Staff augmentation is a great alternative when a company aims to expand its operations, staffing strengths, and project delivery standards. Utilizing staff augmentation services with the right partner is an effective way to bridge any existing skills gap within the organization at a fraction of costs, making it a win-win situation for the company.

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that supplements an organization's in-house team by recruiting skilled resources for a short-term basis to meet specific business goals.

Hiring full-time employees for short-term tasks can be a time-consuming and costly activity that will end up costing the company far more in the long run. Staff augmentation services, such as IT staff augmentation services, benefit both sides. It combines the dependability of a full-time workforce with the freedom of project outsourcing.

Why Choose Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation services are in high demand in the IT industry, which has an attrition rate of up to 40%. IT staff augmentation services aid in mitigating this shift. Here are some of the reasons why a company should consider staff augmentation:

1.Reduces time spent on staffing, training, and development. Recruiting the best talent is one of the primary objectives of a growing company. Most crucial is determining the different recruitment needs and how much a company can invest in permanent and temporary roles to meet its staffing needs.

While it is easier to manage permanent recruitment needs based on the core skill sets required across divisions or projects, identifying, meeting, and managing temporary staffing needs is always challenging.

2.Expertise Access With Staff Augmentation Services, finding expert talent to work on multiple projects becomes more accessible. Staff augmentation services ensure that an enterprise is not limited to a local pool of experts but has access to a global repository. Companies that use staff augmentation can best take advantage of external and internal resources, identify any existing skill gaps, and fill those gaps from a pool of skilled industry experts.

3. Operational cost reduction Staff hired temporarily through a staff augmentation service agency do not seek benefits from the company to which they are assigned. Instead, the staffing agency is responsible for providing employee benefits, which means the company can save time and efforts that the HR and recruiting professionals would have spent searching for, interviewing, onboarding, and training new employees.

How To Make Staff Augmentation Service Work For Your Business?

If properly implemented, the staff augmentation models can be highly effective. Here is a range of possibilities you can supplement your team with external resources in the short term to ensure long-term success.

1.Choose projects that have a rigid time constraint Staff augmentation works best for one-time projects which have no long-term plans for continuation. Hiring a developer on a project basis is a better decision than hiring one on a full-time basis for a one-time-only project. Invariably, software development projects are the best way to reap the benefits of IT staff augmentation services.

2.Identify skills gaps in your organization Whether it is evaluating existing project needs or developing plans for new projects, conducting an in-depth analysis of the business processes will help identify the company's current talent gaps.

Once the gaps have been identified, you must determine whether the resource requirement is long-term or if the requirement is only for the specific project. In the latter case, staff augmentation is the best way to bridge the gap.

3. Determine the specific skill set required Once you've evaluated the specific skill set and project role you're looking to hire for, the process of finding a partner to help you find the right talent begins. Staff hired temporarily has the additional advantage of having more experience in handling similar projects.

4. Greater project control IT staff augmentation services put you in charge of IT project management. In IT staff augmentation, integration with the internal process and overall project management is more effective.

Because project control is in-house, you have better control over the project's outcome and quality, which is advantageous to the project in the long run.

5. Increased flexibility that facilitates scalability Upsizing and downsizing the company is an easier task when following the staff augmentation model. It is always easier to supplement your existing staff with new resources than hiring full-time and then laying off employees. Augmented staff are well-received by existing employees and frequently result in healthier work culture.


Staff augmentation service is a great model that businesses can use to increase agility and respond intelligently to meet the changing customer needs. Staff augmentation consulting is increasingly being used across multiple verticals, from R&D to customer service, product development to product implementation, and post-service maintenance.

Your staff augmentation's success by the competence, trustworthiness, and breadth of your service provider and the staff augmentation firm with which you have partnered.


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