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Our world is facing a really serious challenge with the unfolding of the coronavirus, however, there's hope on the horizon.

The world economy has taken a major hit due to COVID-19. Supermarkets are empty, restaurants are empty, cities turned to zero traffic areas.Of course, pollution levels have come down drastically.

“It’s the best chance for brands to come together and unite! The human race needs each other now, more than ever. We need care, support, understanding, education, healthcare, resources, etc and social media can be of really great help if its done wisely and correctly “ said Jaidev C {CEO – SignOn.ai}

As a business owner, you’re seemingly searching for ways in which you can survive the wave that the economy is shifting their budgets.

It will Get Better, Stay Positive

The regular news updates will surely make you wonder if we all will be out of our homes any soon! Your business isn’t closing and this situation will not last forever.

It may get a bit worse, but it will get better.

Still doubtful, need proof, have a look at where it all started!

According to the BBC, China is lifting travel restrictions, and life is returning to normalcy. China has largely contained the coronavirus outbreak through some severe lockdown and other restrictions. And life is returning to normalcy with people returning to their workplaces. China has started reporting close to zero cases of corona nowadays. And that’s a huge comeback from February when China started reporting thousands of new cases per day.

And reports are coming in from China, that it has no domestic cases of Corona since its outbreak in December. If the current trend is to be followed, we may have a sharp decrease in the number of cases being reported by the end of May. So basically, it is going to be a small break for your business and once normalcy returns you shouldn’t be behind your competitors in regaining any potential lost revenue. At a time when everything is in a standstill, organizations should strive to keep in mind that they will have to be placed for a strong financial year ahead.

“We have another 6 months for the year and you shouldn’t put a halt to your digital marketing efforts,” said Adharsh, an expert and digital marketing manager at SignOn. He has been helping many companies with marketing strategies across the globe for quite a few years and carries vast experience. He added, “That would be a miscalculation and an entire waste of the time and resources you’ve already poured into your business to realize traction to an already crowded online marketplace. You'd lose ground to your competitors and place your business to fail when you still have another year to go — by all indications — we are going to come out of this unfortunate coronavirus happening.”

Its Proven That If You Cut Less During Your Bad Times, You’ll Gain More In Good Times

A lot of studies have gone into this particular aspect of cutting down on marketing expenses during recession and companies who did that has had an adverse effect. Almost all the companies that cut costs than rivals don’t flourish.

Digital Marketing Ideas To Contemplate In The Course Of Coronavirus

1. Do connect with your customers on social media during this bad time:

The whole of humanity is dealing with the impact of a virus outbreak, whether you are tested +ve or -ve. All of us have taken precautions, we are locked up in our homes, our family is locked up. We can’t meet our friends, nor can we hang out at our favorite restaurants, or pubs. We cant even go to the movies. This is the right time to empathize with others and help wherever possible, and it is indeed the right time for your brand to stand out from the crowd. The majority of people are on social media now stuck at home attempting to scan for updates and trying to stay connected in an isolated world.

Also, use your business to be a part of the local food distribution centers, or assist the government agencies in funding for hospital supplies, etc. You can very well promote your good deeds through social media and help build your brand.

“It’s the best chance for brands to come together and unite! The human race needs each other now, more than ever. We need care, support, understanding, education, healthcare, resources, etc and social media can be of really great help if it’s done wisely and correctly” said Jaidev C {CEO – SignOn.ai}

2. Be sure to have your business found online

If you have noticed, most people are online than in their offices, cars or on the road. Over the next couple of weeks, search traffic is going to shoot up substantially as we make comfortable at our homes. We are stuck with our computers and phones looking for updates in our area. We are looking for entertaining ourselves to kill time. Some of us may be searching for online shops also.

So this is not the right time to hide from the online space, as anything online will be consumed right away. You have to use your SEO strategies to climb up the ladder to the top of Googles (SERPs) Search Engine Result Pages so as to find you easily. Your business shouldn’t be sitting in the shell and poking your head out every few days to see if the sun has come out.

“People are still shopping online, need things even when they are home,” said SignOn SEO Analyst & Strategist Arjun. “A lot of people are still trying to get in touch with companies during working hours, and this will not change even if people are at home. So why do you want to miss out on your sales?”

3. PPC or Pay Per Click is the right direction now, the right mode of advertisement

It’s a great opportunity for companies to use PPC marketing now as more people are in front of the screen, connect with them and gain an advantageous position.

“It’s the right time to save on your budgets since on average there has been a reduction of 8% across all verticals on Cost-Per-Click since the last one month” according to SignOn’s PPC manager Sreejith.

And it is going to decline heavily in the coming weeks, which will drastically reduce the amount an advertiser pays a publisher for every ad click. Its a great opportunity for you to gain the market share.

Sreejith added “It’s an excellent time to do digital marketing as a lot many competitors go offline at this time. And reduced competition ultimately can capture traffic and conversations. We do have our clients best interest in mind which makes us prioritize our clients financial exposure too at these uncertain times."

4. Be ahead of your competition

SEO helps to bring organic traffic to your web page and move past your competition. Would you like to be ranked first on Google’s SERPs, on the first page, at the top of the list and finally customers ending up calling you? For this to happen, it requires absolute patience and key optimization techniques. If your webpage and content is not regularly optimized, you lose the ground on search results and would cost thousands in revenue.

Arjun said “It is vital for any organization to have its webpage optimized and updated to stay ahead of the competition. There may be a sudden spike in the competition in the near future and so its important to stay on top with your digital strategies for your webpage to rank higher than the competition. And it would be a big mistake to stop the SEO campaigns for your business. The revenue and lead can fall. When others stop due to the uncertainly, it’s the right time to strengthen your campaigns.”

5. Prepare Your Business for the Bounce-Back Surge

As told earlier, the virus outbreak will fade out in a couple of months and businesses will start running smoothly, with people spending as before. We have to understand that the SEO campaign that we run now will give the results after maybe two or three months. So if we stop our SEO campaigns, it will have a counterproductive effect on your potential revenue in the future, when coronavirus is just a bad dream!

“As SEO professionals, the work we do now will fetch results after months from now. If you reduce the pace or stop now, you won’t have the desired results in your favor later. So push now, while the competition is lying low” said Amritha, Senior SEO Strategist, SignOn.

Are you commuting to the office, are you taking meetings in person, you have extra time for you? You can address all the dents and cracks that might have left some of the important marketing items slip away from your notice.

You can redesign your web-page if needed. SignOn’s design team can help you with that, working remotely. Its also the right time to have a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) audit done on your webpage to make sure that your Call-to-Actions (CTA’s) turns to leads. Last but not the least, an SEO audit of your webpage will help in deciding and improving the optimization strategies.

“This is the right time to improve your SEO presence as you have the time and less competition,” said Arjun.

Talk to our specialist or talk to your current marketing specialist and revise your marketing strategies. It's going to be fruitful in the long run.

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