Email marketing is one of the marketing tactics that’s been advanced in years. Even though it’s the simplest, it’s proven to be the most effective way to reach and engage the audience over the years. But the most crucial time in marketing comes when it’s to generate leads, how do we do that with email marketing? It’s simple, read on to find out how you folks can generate leads using email marketing.

1.Designing the Email Template:

Creating a consistent experience, ensure that the look and feel of the email template are top-notch. One of the vital elements of an email template is that it should be mobile responsive so that the customer can look at it even on the go. Using bullet points and headers make it easier for the audience to understand the information. If there are any additional details that you want to share, put down a link to your website so that the audience can look through it.

2.Right Subject line and Content:

One of the main elements that create a good email is the subject line. It all commences with a subject line, what the customers want to see and what the subject line gives. The gist of the whole matter should be described in this once sentence to perceive whether the customer/prospect will click it or not.

The content tells the story, what the campaign is and how the customer benefits from it. So, keep it short and easy to comprehend so that the customer does not have to read it twice to understand what the company is offering, in short, avoid jargon. Adding high-quality images will add in the visual appeal. Grab their attention!

3.Signify each email:

When sending an email, it’s important as to why you’re sending the email and what the purpose of it is. There are ample reasons to which the emails might be sent, For example, one email may be sent to bring in traffic to the website, another one may be to educate the customer/prospect about what are the products offered etc. It’s important to plan the agenda ahead of time while sending the email and also sending it to the right person at the right time.

4.Determine the target audience:

For any marketing strategy, they must target a certain audience so that there is a greater possibility for conversion.

5.Trial and Analyze:

A/B testing is an experiment that shows the differences between the two variants of emails and how the subject responds to them. With the help of this, we can determine which email is more effective and would be helpful to identify what the prospects’ needs and preferences are.


You need to educate your prospects with products and services you offer to convert them into future customers. So, to do this you need to market your CTA (call to action). Applying words like call, read more, know more, attend, download etc., and guides them to take the next step forward for them to be a prospective customer or client. Also, ask for references if they are not interested in the email.

7.Follow up:

Make sure to send follow-ups to the people who have not responded. Sending follow-ups within a day because they have not responded just irate the audience and the next thing you know, the email is dumped in the spam mail. Following up after 3-4 days with a friend will do the trick. There are very good chances that they respond after the follow-up.

Writing emails to prospects might be challenging however, carefully implementing these few tips and tricks to your emails can generate leads which in return will help in improving your ROI.

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