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The competition inside the insurance industry has risen above expectation in all these years. While every sector is experiencing an urgent need for redesigning their business model around their customers’ preferences, the insurance sector is also not untouched by this revolution.

Every other insurance company is adopting insurance digital transformation to retain their customers. Because customer experience has now become the topmost priority in this aggressive customer-driven market. The insurance business holds massive potential and is seeing growing competition around the globe.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you must analyse what your existing customer and potential customers are looking for and personalize their experience with your brand and services. This personalization can be achieved by incorporating AI in insurance.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

The traditional implementation of insurance required sales agents to communicate with customers and manage every step manually. This process is certainly time-consuming and people today do not have time and patience to bear through it.

By integrating CRM into your process you will be enabling your salespeople to provide better services to your clients while minimizing the need to maintain a pile of documents. An insurance CRM consolidates customer database and documents on a digital platform for easy access and effective maintenance.

CRM also provides insurance automation throughout every stage of the process. It allows you to ensure a high rate of customer satisfaction and retention through many features that it has in its treasure chest. CRM streamlines your business operation and database management.

How Can You Leverage CRM to Enhance Customer Experience?

Keep A Tab On Incoming Leads

A customer’s decision of opting for your services is most often influenced by their first interaction with your company. Many people who try to reach you, would try to contact your competitors too.

If you miss reverting to their query in time, the chances of the ball dropping in your rival’s court are high. Customers are more likely to do business with the company they first interact with. To help you ensure that you don’t miss a potential customer, Insurance CRM software offers automated responses to your customer.

This automation reduces total lead response time by notifying your lead about the receipt of their query and establishing the very first contact with them. It also sends alerts to your employee so that they can contact the customer in the given timeframe

Tailored Services for Different Customers

With the help of insurance CRM, you can assess a customer’s choices and preferences and offer them customized services according to their need. The more problems your service would be assuring resolutions to, the more likely a potential customer will turn into a long-term customer for you.

After all, the customer engages more and for long-term with the brands that they find most beneficial and customer-centric.

Some people prefer calls, while others may prefer messages, emails or even self-service. If someone doesn’t like to talk on call for long, providing them assistance over call may agitate them and result in losing the customer.

Hence, CRM comes to the rescue. CRM helps you identify which communication channel a customer prefers and you can take benefit of reaching to the customer via that specific medium.

Accelerate The Process

CRM activates insurance automation by setting up digitized documentation and database collection, sending automated marketing and promotional messages and emails to the customers, and pushing automatic reminders for policy renewal or premium due date.

CRM shortens the time involved in documentation, document verification, and claim processing. The quick process earns customers’ loyalty to your company and creates a lasting bond between you and your customers.

Offer Advanced Customer-Service

You can incorporate AI in insurance via CRM and provide advanced customer service to your existing customers. Often times, increased call inflow and unpredictability of the callers’ issues render difficulty in prioritizing calls based on the severity of the problem.

Hence, customers remain irate and unsatisfied of the services and possibility of them leaving your services will surge up. By offering automated customer services available on various channels, you will be enhancing the customer’s experience with your brand. This will also increase the chances of them becoming you returning customers in future.

The Last Note

Insurance automation using CRM has proven to be an amazing tool that enables insurance companies to improve their customers’ overall experience with their services. If you want to keep up with the faced-paced technological advancements, you must incorporate CRM in your process.

From data handling to processing claims, CRM improves the accuracy and time-consumption of every task involved in the process. CRM comes out as a very strong tool for the insurance business.

About the Author

Jaidev Chatanat is a thought leader in the space of marketing intelligence, customer service and digital transformation. He has been an advocate for applying the right digital transformative strategies and techniques for many decades for fortune 500 companies.

He is reachable for consultation on jaidev.c@signon.ai


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