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Be it, Jarvis, from The Avengers or Ava from Ex Machina, the future is all about evolving artificial intelligence. Although these movies are way ahead of time, who knows what the future holds for us when it comes to artificial intelligence. For instance, Sophia, a humanoid robot, developed by a Hong Kong-based company is proof enough how powerful AI can be and this is just the beginning. Using AI in many fields will give a plethora of opportunities to build a bridge between customer experiences and marketers. Now, how can we take steps to imply this when it comes to hospitality? A few ways to how AI is reshaping the hospitality sector:


Personalizing experiences increase revenue and also keeps customers loyal and prospects to customers. And hospitality has always found their way first when it comes to personalization. Personalizing reward programs can also drive in customers. Personalizing toiletries, pillows etc., keeps the guests wanting more and coming back to the same place. With AI, you can recognize the customized interests of customers which make you their favourite regardless of the competition.

Booking and Staff Interaction:

Using Chatbots for the website or even for the social media platform, you can assist the customer in booking dates, check-in, and much more efficiently and effectively. Doing this directly with the aid of the hotel staff will be time-consuming. With Chatbots, you can provide a customized experience for all the customers and prospects.

Updates and Maintenance:

You have to strategically control your resources to get the best ROI, to do that; you should spend your maximum time in giving the best customer experiences. To ease you, AI has all the tactics up its sleeves. By using all the customer data, feedback to update and change things according to what the customers want, this will top your ROI. Not only that, but machine learning will warn you before any issues arise with the pattern recognition that was used earlier. This will also help you streamline your work tasks.

Reputation Management:

One of the reputation driven industries would be the hospitality industry. With AI, you can go about the reviews that customers or clients out in or even handle the social media. A response positive or negative, machine learning can amplify it and deal with it. Not only that, AI can warn alert you about any public- relations catastrophe way ahead giving you ample time to think it over and sort it out.

Informing Competitive Intelligence:

AI helps in apprehending all sorts of data and consolidates into useful data; this directs your business into the right path. And later use this data to expand your business into the next stage. For example, the local reviews and demographics can determine on what hotel you want to build and what kind of aesthetic and facilities will be the best for your target audience.

Predictability and Performance optimization:

One of the disputes faced by the hospitality industry is when there are changes in the demand about the seasonal changes, holidays and other events that occur which are maybe or maybe not predictable. AI can predict these fluctuations based on the vast amount of data that it can carry and accordingly find solutions for it in the most efficiently and optimally.


AI has outspread to various industries leading each and everyone to keep going up a notch when it comes to technological advancement. Even though the hospitality industry has gained a lot with AI, there is still room for exploration. As the industry is getting larger, and more customers come in, the hospitality quality starts to deteriorate. Hence, using AI work is made a lot easier and gives the customers a tailor-made experience for which they will keep coming back for more.

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Jaidev Chatanat is a thought leader in the space of marketing intelligence, customer service and digital transformation. He has been an advocate for applying the right digital transformative strategies and techniques for many decades for fortune 500 companies.

He is reachable for consultation on jaidev.c@signon.ai


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