I bet you'll have gone at least once to search for jobs or connect with professionals on LinkedIn and if you haven't, then seriously, wake up and smell the coffee. Allow me to tell you what you're missing out on. Well, you can say LinkedIn is a sea of job opportunities, a plethora of professionals who share their ideas and insights, a platform to flaunt your business skills and last but not the least a hub to publish/market your brand. Did I catch your attention on the last point? Yes, a hub to promote your brand! Let's get into details. How? Here you go:

1.Give your company identity (create a company page):

First and foremost create a company page for your business, let people come to know that this is a genuine company. Give in as many details as possible of your company with your company website link and other links that you think is important to them. Keep your page updated at all times. Make sure all your employees are a part of this page and post blogs, articles, videos. Also, share posts or blogs related to the services that you offer.

2.Like always, Content comes into the picture:

“Content” marketing (pun intended) is one of the best methods to reach happy customers/prospects. This only works if they are quality content and if it solves the problem. Chances of brand recognition are maximum if the content reaches the right set of people. It should connect to them and resolve their problems. Also, use references to current situations and trends.

3.Stay updated by ganging up (be part of groups):

Being a part of groups reassures that you are connected both with people who have experience and as well as customers who are looking out for your services. There are a gazillion groups that you can join, yeah, watch out because you can join around 30-50 groups only. New and fresh ideas to devour from, understanding what people want/need and many more benefits of joining groups. A smarter way to understand what your business is lacking and what it is good at. Funnelling leads will be a piece of cake by joining various groups.

4.Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder (Visual aids):

Posting presentations and info-graphics and maybe videos are something that will catch the attention of people. Especially if they are the entertaining ones. Of course, there should also be some learning along with it. Put up pictures even when writing blogs or any articles. If it is intriguing then these posts will surely be shared and commented on, which will, in turn, make it viral and you know what happens if something goes viral, Recognition!! This will be a real people magnet.

5.Send Invites to connect:

Send out invites to connect with professionals, prospects and any other person you think can make a difference or be a part of your company to get their attention. Even if they don't connect, they will go through your company profile and know the services you offer and even visit your website may be, leading to traffic to your website, which is the whole point, isn't it? Referrals are a big opportunity here. There are many instances where the connections you have require of something, so you can refer to your connections here. The plus point, they do the same for you.


Using relevant hashtags make your page or brand more discoverable. It is also good for you because it keeps you updated on the latest marketing trends that will be beneficial for your company. LinkedIn also has hashtag communities where people can find various hashtags and get just what they are looking for.


These are a few tips to aid your business via LinkedIn. There will be more tips and tricks to make the most of it for your company through LinkedIn. But, if used properly in a marketing strategy LinkedIn can bring in lots of difference to the growth of your company. Make sure to keep up with the new features and tools that LinkedIn has to offer. Also, study your competitor's pages and be ahead of them. So folks, value LinkedIn and make sure to explore more of the social media pages to increase the progress of your brand.

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