Honestly, the engagement is more with video content than with other content. People prefer videos and want to see more of it.

This has become essential for every individual and platform. Brands use video marketing to attain the presence that they want. Trust me, video marketing definitely will help you in increasing your engagement level. With video, it is just easy to put out your story there. But how exactly do we do that?

Here are a few touchpoints to do that:

1.Have a definite idea about what the video should be about

Present the people with needed information so that they can decide on whether they want to watch it or not. But not everyone will stick around to watch the whole thing at first, so provide them with a small synopsis on what the video is about.

2.To give what the audience wants, know your audience

People look out for videos that are relevant and helpful to them. Videos that answer questions or relate more to what the audience is looking for will give drive in better results and will be very useful for the consumers.

3.Run videos on your website

Getting traffic to your website is half work done but when using a video on your website, it engages those audiences and maybe even helps in increasing the conversion rate. Another thing about this is that they won't be exposed to any other third-parties like YouTube, FB etc. You eliminate the third-party who already has the edge on user experience.

4.Videos in Email

Personalize sales email by adding in a small GIF or an animated thumbnail. This can improve click-through rates. This will help in achieving the key business objectives.

5.Optimize videos

Focus on conversions once you encourage the viewers to watch the videos. Make sure to optimize it focusing mainly on conversions. You can do this by adding a call to action option, include a direct message from the speaker of the video, add links/share buttons directing to your landing page and so on.

6.User-generated videos to the maximum

The best way to market your business is to generate user content. Brands should keep contests on their social media platforms in which they can ask customers to send in their videos using the product. And whoever wins, the video will be published on the website or social media page. Testimonials are also another way. User-generated videos will give other prospective customers confidence to purchase this product.

7.Creativity is a must

Creativity is the only way to stand out from your competition. Everyone goes for new content videos rather than seeing the same old thing again and again. Make it more interactive and entertaining for users. Trying out different options will give you a vague idea on what the customer wants to see and what he does not know.

8.Short and Sweet

Short videos with apt content will work. Unnecessary long content will lose your viewers drastically. So make sure, it is of the right length that works best for your content and also your customers.

9.Always analyze the video performance

This is one of the most important steps for a video marketing strategy. No campaigns can be progressive without analytics on the page. Analytics will help in showing the measure of investment for the videos and how to improve them. Not only that but measure the overall brands status like the views, shares, no. of mentions and so on.


Yes, you do need to understand the basics of video marketing but there is no better way of learning than doing it. It is very important to thoroughly plan all the strategies that can make a killer video for the audience to view. The way they use the strategies will determine how much of the marketing efforts are they making. This will surely be a plus point for your brand to stand tall and ahead of your competition in the years to come.

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