Hospitality company increased 50% sale using SignOn Leadz

Timeshare Hospitality
1 February 2020
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About Client

The hospitality business has 5 star & 4 Star resorts spread across India. The marketing and sales team via digital & non digital marketing techniques generate thousands of leads on a daily basis. These leads are called by the marketing executives to close sale.

Problem statement

Thousands of leads and hundreds of telemarketers could not work seamlessly as they did not have an automation solution. The client did not have a mechanism to prioritise & direct the right leads to the right marketers to convert sales.


SignOn studied the business workflow and suggested a workflow process automation. SignOn Leadz automation was deployed within 3 months for 100 + marketers. SignOn custom-built solution from scratch to provide an end to end automation engine.

Configuration and Deployment timeline


These solutions gave the clients the ability to design better targeted markets and also gave them a new perspective of how to tackle the predicaments with the technology provided by SignOn. The following were the results that led to success:


Improved end to end conversion efficency resulting in over 50% increase in sales ( Before 25%, After 37.5%)


Reduction of costs paid to vendors on account of accurate measurement of outcomes - 30%.


Customer feedback scores improved by 40%

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Automation and Analytics are the holy grail of SignOn, primarily focusing on problem solving.

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