Web forms increased 28% conversion rate for this hospitality company using SignOn CRM

Timeshare Hospitality
18 February 2020
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About Client

A vacation based timeshare resort that has a one of a kind member loyalty programs. They have their resorts spread across India and serve their customers with personalized services and refined amenities. They are one of India's biggest timeshare companies.

Problem statement

A large amount of leads come to this timeshare company. This made it difficult for their sales team to segregate between the unwanted leads and quality leads. They needed solutions to tackle this problem and increase their conversion.


SignOn studied all their work process and looked into their loyalty programs to create a solution that could intercept the problem they were facing, the following are the steps to success they took:

  • Integration of web forms to online-marketing campaigns that was used for lead-generation which led to efforts to maximize conversions. Getting in touch with different companies, sending information, placing an order, sending requests and many more ways to get in touch with the website visitors. The webform are directed to the sales rep and then gets transferred to the company database.

  • Also integrated lead scoring to identify the most sales-ready leads in your system. By using a point system that indicates the value that person represents to the organization, you can hone in on their sales-readiness.

Configuration and Deployment timeline- 1 Months Study, 1 Months Deployment, 1 Months Transition Time to Go Live- 2 Months from Contract


  • 28% of increase in the conversion rates
  • This also helped in increasing the sales efficiency resulting in increase in the revenue

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