Using SignOn technology & Analytics insurance company improves productivity and customer service for Claims Associates

26 February 2020
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About Client

An Insurance company who has been taking care of various verticals of insurance for years. They have a dedicated team who involves every effort to fulfil every person's issues or any medical or other expenses.

Problem statement

The client wanted the ability to do more with less with existing staffing models & yet increase customer acquisition. And they also wanted to improve the efficiency of claims adjusters working in the field. Optimizing all web-based client services for third-party administrators was also one of their objectives.


SignOn assigned the project to a team of problem solvers who strategized the project into various stages. The following solutions were developed as per the project plan and the time frame -

  • Complete Value Stream Mapping & analytics: Complete Value Stream Mapping (CVS) improved the process in the forefront and also helped in accounting who is responsible for tasks and where managerial input is required.

  • SignOn claims services experts would engage in consultation with the customers to help them with their grievances related to the product/service

  • Access to Insurance Workflow mapping for user community for actionable insights

Configuration and Deployment timeline - 4 Months Study, 6 Months Deployment, 2 Months Transition Time to Go Live - 10 Months from Contract


  • Increased productivity with digital and mobile solution
  • Improvement in customer service from, custom reports accessed via web
  • Contained costs
  • Analytics & actionable insights resulting in efficiency

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