Boutique Jewellery online store increased retail sales conversion by 32% implementing SignOn Leadz

15 February 2020
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About Client

The client is a jewellery product company in India and they sell products such as rings, earrings, chains etc with an array of designs, be it contemporary or traditional. They offer custom made jewellery design to all their customers. Along with jewellery design they also sell exclusive diamonds and other stones.

Problem statement

Poor customer segmentation & product mix lead to less sales conversions. This became difficult for them to create and communicate targeted marketing messages that will resonate with specific groups of customers. Since the messages were communicated to the wrong customers, they were likely not to buy the products resulting in the drop of sales revenue.


Scrutinizing the process of work, we implemented the SignOn Leadz solution which helped in right workflow , campaign management , segmentation , targeting & sales conversion.

  • Segment contacts and target them with personalized campaigns & product offering to improve the customer engagement and retention.

  • Simplified customer communication process .

  • Email drip campaigns were personalized & mails to the right customers at the right time which ensured customer engagement and clickthrough rates.

  • Marketing automation & intelligence was implemented across all customer touch points to provide a seamless experience.

  • Tracking leads who have been visited by the sales executives, or the ones which are converted and also the leads which have not been contacted yet. The system will send these lead reminders to the sales executives so that they can connect with them for conversions.

Configuration and Deployment timeline- 1 Months Study, 3 Months Deployment, 2 Months Transition Time to Go Live- 4 Months from Contract


  • Increased sales conversion by 32%
  • More frequent marketing campaigns & increased brand visibility.
  • Lower unsubscribe rates for email campaigns
  • Increased page likes and customer engagements online.

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