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4 February 2020
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About Client

The client was a start-up institute where they wanted the brand to increase the impact of its communication endeavours and at the same time, it wanted to increase brand traction by sending key messages to the target segments in a more customised manner. They wanted to reach their customers on a one on one basis and act like their advisor who was available 24*7.

Problem statement

SignOn had to keep in mind the customer experience across all the platforms used by financial services. SignOn had to be on the same page with the client to understand their drawbacks and tailor a solution that could fulfil all their customer relations predicaments. Our aim here was customer satisfaction for both our client and their customers. Generating high levels of awareness for its products in the market is another aspect we looked at.


  • Stitched the customer journey of a single customer to use data to understand what was being broken.
  • Custom made intuitive workflows that could manage customer interactions by understanding engagement opportunities in the customer journey.
  • Applied the right targeting model for online customers via the visitor tracking tool & applied the right product for the target group.

We were able to give our client the efficiency and smoothness that the client required to run their work. We made sure that they could customise their reach to all prospects and customers. Also, it leveraged This was all done on one Customer relationship Management tool of SignOn. Where customer enquiries and grievances were also handled.

Configuration and Deployment timeline - 15 Days Study, 1 Months Deployment, 1.5 Months Transition Time to Go Live - 1.5 Months from Contract


As they had a customer- first approach, the clients used SignOn LMS to give them the services that were tailored to their issues. SignOn aided in implementing well-planned and cost-effective strategies that focused on offering comprehensive services to customers. The following were the results that adhered along the solutions:

  • Achieved a high degree of customer awareness of the financial services offered. Measured using a post-action feedback survey.
  • Improved re-purchase & Conversion rate for 60% of the target segment by 50%.
  • Better communication and engagement with customers resulting in better upsell
  • Improved TAT by over 40%, resulting in lower complaints & higher resolution rate by over 25%

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