An NBFC organisation increased visitor engagement & lead conversion using visitor tracking feature in SignOn Leadz

3 February 2020
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About Client

A leading NBFC organisation specialising in a series of services like insurance, home loans, investments etc. They have acquired clients around the globe with robust solutions that they provide. They are well known for the services that they offer which had a touch of customer engagement.

Problem statement

They realised that with the count of prospects they handled each day, they could not manage them and the system of work became disorderly. This led to a certain amount of decrease in the leads that used to come daily.
It became more of a hassle once their marketing campaigns showed a regress in the sales leads. And it was not possible for them to micro-manage the whole process because there were no specific resources just for that.


Tracking was enabled to measure the speed experience of new visitors to the marketing website and its effect on registrations. A secondary goal was to track the speed experience of paid users when customers were coming to landing pages. Some of the findings from tracking were:

  1. 20% registrations were lost due to complex customer journeys during the tracking duration. So, we implemented visitor tracking and the buying path of the customer to understand the customer journey to understand the product that they are likely to buy or what they were interested in.
  2. Specific pages in the path to registration were slower than the rest & resulted in lower conversion - Leads scores differentiated between low-quality leads, inactive leads and leads who were not likely to convert.
  3. 50% of the returning visitors of their website did not benefit from earlier visits & information provided- Lead scores resulted in differentiation of treatment of repeat visitors coupled with data which was captured from different visits were accumulated.

Configuration and Deployment timeline - 1 Months Study, 2 Months Deployment, 2 Months Transition Time to Go Live - 3 Months from Contract


The NBFC institutions could understand and analyse the experiences of the paid users. The lead scoring made the clients much proactive which resulted in the following:


Increased registrations and stickiness by 30% for first-time visitors

Identified the golden journey for each customer profile thereby resulting in right product


positioning & Increased Conversion by 20% in over 80% of all products.

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