Insurance Claims And Processing

Excellence In The Claims Processing And Transformation In Outcomes Delivered 100%

With specialization in insurance claims processing, SignOn understands the business requirements and the criticality of timeliness, Net promoter scores being central to an insurance strategy. The specialists team for claims have a depth of experience in process mapping, understanding your challenges in current processes and complement your onshore teams.

We at adhere to stringent data security protocols to make sure that
critical data is never at risk.

Scale on the fly, tailor to your specific business needs and requirements- ensure high ROI

Automatic claim route by-product, amount, department or any field data

Both manual and automatic claims routing and processing based on configurable business rules

On-the-fly changes to web-forms and processes

Predictive analytics improves claims ratio (or loss ratio) & minimises fraud costs by detecting frauds, curtail false positives, and reduce fraud investigation expenses. It lowers claims handling costs, quickly identifies outlier claims, and efficiently manages claims severity.

Claims handling is a dynamic process as every claim evolves, therefore analytics has a dynamic application. Everytime data changes, claims are configured to be rescored

Assured optimally processed claims

Low-Risk Claims Are Approved Speedily

Reduce Claim Management Expenses

Increase NPS - Net Promoter Score

Case Studies

Interactions scattered across many journeys & it can hinder your team's ability to collaborate, craft engaging experiences and grow revenue. Outsourcing adds significant value across your entire organisation.


Automation and Analytics are the holy grail of SignOn, primarily focusing on problem solving.

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