Difference Between Content Marketing, Branded Content and Native Advertising

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May 8, 2019
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June 25, 2019

Content Marketing, Branded Content Marketing and Native Advertising: What stands similar in these three methods are that they are mainly used for grabbing the attention of a consumer to increase the awareness of the brand/product (anything that helps the growth of the business).

Now, Let’s break it down and see what each term means:

Content Marketing: Just to refresh your memory on the definition of content marketing, sharing any online materials such as blogs, articles, videos, or ports, for the purpose of marketing a brand, product, services or even a person is known to be content marketing. The content does not promote the brand specifically.

Branded Content: Creating any content that is linked to a brand. This is specifically for a single brand.

Native advertising: Native advertising is nothing but a type of paid media where the functions and form of the platforms in which it comes. This is crucial for the user experience. This is related to branded content, where the ads are adapted to the environment while engaging with the audience and not threatening their user experience. Few examples like sponsored social media posts that

They all have the same motive but what makes it different from each other?

Content marketing and Branded Content Marketing:

Content marketing uses more of a traditional approach like using blogs, articles or any sort of informative content. This is a great way to increase conversion rate. This method takes more time compared to branded marketing.

Branded content here has a more of a storytelling leaning towards entertainment method that makes sure that the brand is remembered by each and every customer. For brand affinity and positive response from the user, branded content marketing will better than content marketing.

Content Marketing and Native advertising:

Here content marketing is something that talks to the consumers without having to do a sales pitch.

Not only that, compared to Native advertising, this is a long term goal that provides value to the readers will buy the product or service themselves.

In Native advertising, the foremost goal is to sell the product/service. Native advertising places the relevant content in the space where it syncs with the brand. Few examples of Native advertising is paid search units, In-Ad, promoted listing and many more.

Branded Content and Native Advertising:

Basically, if the content is created for the brands’ own platform, then it is considered as branded content marketing. But, if the content is created by another party that targets the audience and sets the tone of the product in the online the platform then it is native advertising. How the content is converted into an ad is native advertising.

A fairly thin line of difference is seen in these three concepts. How to target customers, what strategy to use or how can one reach the point where the ROI is higher is up to the marketers. Making a great strategy out of these three will definitely be a game changer.

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