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SignOn provides transformational capability to insurance companies enabling them with the right technology , analytics , process re-engineering & marketing expertise.

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Improving Customer Experience & Inner process transformation

Insurance industry has been dealing with explosive volumes of data for years, SignOn applies smart agile development , artificial intelligence (AI), data, analytics, and machine learning (ML) models to this in ways which will allow insurance companies to reshape and digitally transform their internal mechanisms to suite the digital era.

  • SignOn Leadz -® - Lead Management & Marketing Automation - Omni channel , intuitive platform connecting your marketing channels to your lead funnel & Sales fulfilment.
  • SignOn CRM -® Experience management omni channel platform connecting the entire customer journey.
  • Product Configuration & Administration
  • Quotes , Policy Issuance and Underwriting – Agile Customer workflow for Quotes . Empower your team to Enable underwriters to increase new business.
  • Policy Administration & Services - Smart applications to enhance the customer experience & loyalty
  • Documentation – Process for managing all your client documentation & communication channels
  • Billing – Customer payments & reconciliation
  • Claims Automation & Operations - Optimize claims operations to drive better TAT , quality & Accuracy.
  • Omni Channel – Sms , Email , Calls , Chat , Web Forms
  • Digital Marketing - Enable a community connected to your company through a strong AI driven Marketing intelligence platform
  • Business Intelligence - connecting the dots and giving all the leaders a 360 view of the business

SignOn Leadz - SO.AI® Lead
Management & Marketing Automation

Unique marketing automation solution for companies to leverage the investments of website , social media channels & outbound lead generation.

  • Contact Management
  •®Powered Realtime Lead Funnelling & Nurturing
  •® Powered Lead Scoring
  • Campaign Management
  •®Powered Visitor Tracking & Triggers
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Pipeline Management
  • Automatic Lead Assignment
  • Escalation & Approval Management
  • Smart Webforms
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Social Integration
  • Email Marketing
  •®Omni Channel – SMS , Email , Calls , Chat , Web Forms
  • Notifications & Calendar
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SignOn Customer Relationship Management

Unclutter your muddle of customer issues & queries, SignOn CRM software powered by® , acts as your companion, so that work is done effectively and in less time without any hesitation.

Contact Management

Ticketing CRM – Interaction Management

Queue Management

Escalation & Approval Management® Omni Channel –SMS , Email , Calls , Chat , Web Forms

Feedback & Surveys

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Product Configuration & Administration

SignOn’s transformation software & services solutions is a combination of advisory and consulting services which include process capability assessment, workflow mapping , package selection & implementation, custom application transformation and managed services.

Administrative services lie at the heart of many of the insurance solutions we provide. provides you with an end to end service, offering service flexibility, risk control, scalability, certainty of cost and unrivalled support.

Quotes, Policy Issuance and Underwriting

SignOn enable brokers & insurers with advisory , consulting & deployment services to develop , deploy intelligent automated processes that drive efficiency, consistency, and compliance for Quotes , Underwriting & Issuance. SignOn services help improve underwriting effectiveness and refines productivity in policy acquisition, management, and retention under its qualified values.

With insurance underwriting automation from SignOn, your organization can achieve -

  • Reduce application processing and improve quote turn-around
  • Build insurance underwriting rules into an automated funnel , reducing the need for interpretation and increasing consistency and compliance.
  • Automation capability of underwriting managers to shape policy publish policies to the front office in the form of rule-driven automated applications.
  • Modify underwriting rules in tandem with business objectives, market conditions & regulatory requirements.
  • Generate reports, analytics & simulations to continuously improve underwriting policies.

Policy Administration & Services

“Combine technology expertise and domain capacity to help clients build an operational insurance policy administration system”

With a flexible business model, SignOn works towards helping insurers reduce overall expenses, improve general administration cycle time, and bolster customer upsell, cross sell capability. In terms of quantified value, digital transformation curtails

  • Expense ratios
  • Reduces cycle time
  • Introduces new ways of enhancing policy performance
  • Our team work in a fully regulated environment to provide fully compliant policy administration services to a range of customers, distributors and agents. Our services cover

  • The full end-to-end policy lifecycle and include supporting services such as complaints handling, specialist claims administration
  • Full provision of management information

Document Generation

Right document package auto generated and a link to the document set will be included in communication triggers to customers All policy, insured, coverage and premium data is merged onto the forms as needed & triggered to customer on decision stages.

SignOn Billing

Managing customer payments , payment cycles & refunds all in one seamless workflow.

  • Post Payment
  • Get Transaction
  • ePay
  • Create Invoice
  • Get Outstanding Balance
  • Available Instalment Plans
  • Instalment Breakdown for Plan
  • Setup Instalment
  • Get Instalment Details

Claims Automation & Claims Processing

SignOns end-to-end claims workflows that are customer focused cost effective, and adaptable automated and running within days, not months.

  • Full automation and elimination of operational inefficacies and legacy issues
  • Visual workflow editor for easy workflow design and Business Rules setup
  • Timely and accurate claim routing and notifications
  • Sequential or parallel workflows to specify whether documents are reviewed and approved in a specific order or by multiple reviewers at the same time.
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Omni Channel powered by®

SignOn Omni-Channel experience spans the varied interfaces customers have for engaging with brands, which in turn depends on the way different brands enable consumers to use such channels & platforms to interact with them. CRM , Leads connect the Omni channel to consolidate - SMS , Email , Calls , Chat & Web Forms. Workflow even allows you to integrate social media channels into the same funnel for marketing & CRM “

Digital Marketing powered by®

Insurance Digital Marketing Powered by®

SignOn helps insurance companies to build an All-in-One digital marketing solution to target audience reach, act, attract & convert.

An insurance marketing strategy should include an integrated solution for the web presence to serve both goals - retaining customers that are pickier than ever in the competitive marketplace and acquiring new customers that now have all the freedom to go online and compare every insurance offer. With the effective use of digital marketing techniques, we can help you be on the top with your marketing efforts.

“The crucial part here is being valuable and relevant.”

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SignOn deploys business intelligence platforms that offers powerful dashboarding and data analytics which help monitor trend , recognise opportunities, improve productivity and provide intuitive insights . Users can connect SignOn’s cloud-based enterprise data software & Analytics can be accessed from your desktop or via mobile.

  • BI
  • Data Consolidation
  • Data Lake
  • Analytical Models
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Advantage SignOn

SignOn deploys business intelligence platforms that offers powerful dashboarding and data analytics which help monitor trend , recognise opportunities, improve productivity and provide intuitive insights . Users can connect SignOn’s cloud-based enterprise data software & Analytics can be accessed from your desktop or via mobile.

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Discover how traditional insurance companies are experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) and tailored platforms to more effectively serve their employees, customers and partners.

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