SignOn Transforming The
Insurance Industry

SignOn provides transformational capability to insurance companies with right technology , domain & marketing expertise

Using a blend of our products , Machine Learning and services, we can support your Insurance business through the complete customer lifecycle.

Transformative processes in Insurance combining automation , software & Machine learning.

Insurance practices at SignOn

SignOn rethinks how insurance companies can transform , New Business acquisition, Underwriting , policy administration , billing, rating, claims, data insights, digital engagement, and management analytics.

How did we transform the turnaround time and quality delivered?

Process Re-Engineering

Change Of Design Flow

Content Ease Of Access

Data Analytics

Tools- Fb, Social Media Conversion

Customer Journey Mapping

Value Stream Mapping

Improving Customer Experience & Inner process transformation

Insurance industry has been dealing with explosive volumes of data for years, SignOn applies smart agile development , artificial intelligence (AI), data, analytics, and machine learning (ML) models to this in ways which will allow insurance companies to reshape and digitally transform their internal mechanisms to suite the digital era.

Marketing & Sales

Omni channel , intuitive platform connecting your marketing channels to your lead funnel & Sales fulfilment.

Policy Issuance and Underwriting

Empower your team to Enable underwriters to increase new business.

Policy Administration & Services

Smart applications to enhance the customer experience & loyalty

Claims Operations

Optimize claims operations to drive better TAT , quality & Accuracy.

Customer Relationship Management

Experience management omni channel platform connecting the entire customer journey.

Social & Digital

Enable a community connected to your company through a strong AI driven Marketing intelligence platform

Business Intelligence platform

connecting the dots and giving all the leaders a 360 view of the business

Case Studies

Discover how traditional insurance companies are experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) and tailored platforms to more effectively serve their employees, customers and partners.

Grow your business.

Creating the right business model requires you to combine data analytics, automation & optimum software development.


Automation and Analytics are the holy grail of SignOn, primarily focusing on problem solving.

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