Personalization and Cross Channel Engagement

  • Automate your business inside out

    We will assist you to scale your campaigns, web experience , search engine optimization, connect your social channels , reach the right prospective customers and generate leads. Most importantly we will allow you to demonstrate the plausible ROI. Signon is a state of the art service that is capable of real-time engagement regardless of any customer touch-point.

  • Unified Customer Database

    Time Saving -> Streamlined -> Systematic

    Most services are bundled silos which create latency and inaccuracy, bringing down the effectiveness of your business. Signon offers a perfect platform and service to unify your data so that accuracy in customer engagement automation is upheld and a seamless machine ,driven decisive system drives your business.


The Secret Sauce is Realtime

The secret sauce behind this is the ability to compute in real-time and output customer states, which is consumed by the automation engine to respond based on rules for any kind of customer request. Everything in real-time. 24/7.

Personalize your targeted emails / SMS / Web Content with automated templates, personalisation tokens and event attributes.

Automate triggered marketing using user persona & behaviour values across customer lifecycle stages.

Reachout only to those micro-segmented users that matter Communicate when your business demands and your users desire

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